Automatic spraying equipment for the paint circulation system supply device introduction

The paint circulation system is an important core part of the automatic spraying equipment. Mainly through the lacquered liquid circulation way to solve large and medium-sized spray paint during the long-distance transport process of precipitation and other issues, often used in automatic spraying production line of large quantities of spraying operations.

The paint circulation system should be able to provide a continuous, fluidized, flow-adjustable flow to the sprayer. The paint system itself should comply with the relevant fire, explosion, anti-static regulations. The following describes the specific parameters of the paint circulation system.

The construction of the paint circulation system

1. Quantity to determine: the number of required paint recycling system according to the spray required for the supply of paint varieties and the number of colors to determine. 1 paint 1 color, need a set of paint recycling system device; if a paint has two colors or three colors, you need to match two or three sets.

2. Set the location: the central system in the central system for the paint system equipment, generally placed in a separate interval between the paint, and paint library adjacent to facilitate the transport paint.

3. Tectonic form: The form of construction is determined by its size.

Paint processing system components

1. Regulators: When using plunger pumps and diaphragm pumps, a regulator must be installed and installed at the pump outlet to reduce the pressure and flow pulsation of the paint.

2. Filter: This is used to filter the debris and in the circulation of the pipeline within the pigment aggregation material. Often installed at the pump outlet, for the plunger pump, the filter is installed after the regulator.

3. Paint pump: also known as transfer pump, is used to paint from the paint bucket into the paint. Commonly used paint pump with diaphragm pump and piston pump, diaphragm pump flow, low price, easy installation, anti-empty ability, is the best choice.

4. Paint regulator: For the main circulation and three-wire circulation system, spray station to install the paint regulator. The regulator can adjust the paint pressure at the exit of the spray station to the desired stable value to meet the needs of painting or recycling. Automatic spraying equipment In the use of water-based paint in the three-wire recycling system, should use low shear force regulator.

5. Air handling components: including air filters, oil misters, pressure regulators, air play protector and related valves, piping and fittings, etc., according to the required air pressure and consumption of paint pumps to choose.