Heat Cleaning Furnace

Ningbo Beilun YunBo Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. From 2008 onwards independent research and development, production of heat furnace (also known as stripping paint furnace, stripping furnace)

Principle of heat cleaning furnace

The heat oven has two relatively independent heating systems as well as a temperature and smoke control system. In the first heating system, the furnace chamber heated to a certain temperature range, the control system automatically control the furnace temperature, so that the workpiece coating gradually decomposed into combustible gas. The control system always guarantees the decomposition rate, combustible gas concentration and is strictly controlled within a certain range. When the combustible gas into the second combustion system, after high temperature treatment into CO2 and water vapor through the chimney discharge, the furnace is the remainder of the workpiece and the temperature is not affected by inorganic matter, these inorganic matter has become powder, most of the The process has been falling into the bottom of the furnace, a small amount of the remaining just gently tapping off or rinse with water can be.

Features of heat cleaning furnace:

1) Automatic control, just a button, you can automatically complete the whole process,
2) Advanced tobacco control, reduce energy consumption (50% of similar equipment) and to ensure that the treatment effect is good. There is no special requirement to handle the shape, size, quantity, etc. of the workpiece (hook and rework), and to ensure that the workpiece (especially the workpiece) is not deformed.
3) The combustion chamber is made of high quality rare earth foam, which has long service life and good heat insulation.
4) Equipped with microcomputer. Key components all imported brand, quality assurance.
5) Safe and reliable, with five security protection.
6) With a fault detector, automatically indicate the fault location, and a warning device.


Heat clean furnace safety protection
With five security protection system.
Level 1: secondary water spray
In the case of the main sprinkler system failure, the secondary water sprinkler system will automatically start, and the secondary sprinkler nozzle diameter is much larger than a nozzle, the second water spray is a water spray 10- 20 times.

Level 2: temperature limit switch
Due to unexpected circumstances, a water spray and the second water spray are fail or can not work, the furnace temperature is still rising, independent of the two temperature control system limit temperature protection system will move, disconnect the main burner, and water The And once the disconnect can not automatically reset, you need to manually press the start button to continue to work.

Level 3: gravity explosion-proof door
Due to extreme accidents caused by increased pressure inside the furnace, located in the top of the two gravity explosion-proof door will automatically open in an instant, the release of pressure automatically shut down (note that the top of the furnace can not put any obstacles to the normal operation of the explosion-proof items ).

Level 4: Low water pressure protection
When the water pressure is less than 2 kg, it will automatically disconnect the heating system and alarm.

Level 5: burner chain stop
Secondary burner failure alarm, while the main combustion chamber for the furnace heating machine automatically shut down.

Heat clean furnace specifications