Company service support

  • Immediately after the sale, if the case of customer failure report, immediately start the response mechanism, within four hours to answer the customer side, within 48 hours to troubleshoot.
  • The warranty period for the product equipment contract is one year. During the warranty period, the product parts such as the emergence of quality problems, if not human responsibility, responsible for free repair.
  • After the relevant equipment is running, we are responsible for tracking the service for one month.
  • According to the company's tour mechanism, our company will send regular visits to users, and on-site to solve the equipment-related matters.
  • At the same time I also on the equipment provided by the technical service guidance.
  • Training for customers to paint the line operator, so that the trainer can control the equipment operation, adjustment and basic failure to eliminate the ability.

Service Hotline: +86-574-86197629