Electrostatic Spraying Equipment Spraying Surface Uneven Solution

In the use of electrostatic spray equipment for powder spray, the spray surface is often uneven appearance of the phenomenon, how to solve this?

Because the use of electrostatic spray equipment to produce powder spray surface vulcanization uneven reasons are different, so the treatment methods are not the same.

1, such as compressed air pressure is not enough. Experts recommend that you can check the air compressor supply, cleaning air filtration equipment, the appropriate increase in pressure;

2, the microplate is blocked. Can check whether the microplate is ultra-fine powder or compressed air in the oil, impurities blocked;

3, powder storage for a long time in the supply of sugar cans is also a powder spray surface vulcanization uneven an important factor. Can try to increase the pressure for a long time on the powder vulcanization, take away the water, if necessary, with a clean tool to help stir;

4, powder agglomeration also let the powder spray surface vulcanization uneven. Artificial powder loose loose sieve;

5, the deposit bed too much powder. Can reduce the amount of powder in the bed, the amount of powder is generally added to the volume of two-thirds of the bed.

Of course, lead to powder spray surface uneven appearance of the reasons for more than this, the best way to solve the problem is to find the source of the problem, targeted to solve.

Want to get a satisfactory electrostatic spraying effect, clean operating environment is essential, clean, including two convenient, one external environment, plant environment, equipment, whether clean operation. Second, the internal environment, which requires high-quality spray of raw materials, no impurities.