The composition of the system for painting

With the increase in car sales, the major car manufacturers have through technological transformation and new OEMs to improve production capacity. In the process of technological transformation, the painting workshop painting room transformation, the safety work needs to be put in the first work to consider, the paint room is very easy to cause the electrostatic fire and organic solvent coating fire, attached to the paint spray room once the fire, The losses caused can not be estimated.

Introduction of Painting Painting Room

Painting room is non-standard equipment, spray paint the most basic task is to drain the spray process produced by the paint mist, paint dust, solvents and so on. Spray paint room system equipment generally have spray paint room body, for the wind system, paint fog collection device, circulating water system, exhaust system and waste paint removal device and other components.

1. spray paint room body

By the dynamic pressure chamber, static pressure chamber, painting room and grille floor composition. Air conditioning air from the air supply system into the dynamic pressure chamber, the baffle, multi-leaf control valve or bag filter, air evenly into the static pressure chamber.

2. supply system

The system is a multi-functional large air volume system for supplying fresh air to the paint room by the temperature, humidity, dust removal.

3. fog trap and exhaust system

The system consists of paint mist collection device, exhaust fan and air duct and other components, paint fog collection device is located in the paint room below, for more paint fog atomization method: Wen's spray paint room, The water is atomized to handle the mist. Its ventilation for the top of the air, the bottom of the ventilation.

4. circulating water system

The system is to use the water curtain, water flow to capture the mist, a lot of water in the paint room at the bottom or side to form the water curtain, and then in the suction nozzle with the exhaust into the washing device, the water is fully mixed, Paint the water into the sink or flow back to the circulating water tank, after filtration, after slag and then use the pump back to the overflow of the spray booth in the use of recycling.