Introduction of Two – stage Recycling Nozzle in Zhejiang Province

Zhejiang two grade paint spray room, oil recovery, outside air through the primary filtration filter by the fan to the roof, and then through the top screen two times to enter the room. After filtration and purification of indoor air to water full, with more ratio of the flow of the flow, the mist particle can not stay after painting in the air, directly through the bottom filtering device after being discharged from the air outlet outside the room. for sure to make more than 98% and into the air to a certain pressure, ensure that the indoor dust not to spray paint room leakage, surface pollution, so as to maximize the paint the quality.

When the drawing, the coating is positive solar a hot air circulation, door position, baking room temperature rises rapidly to a preliminary drying temperature (less than or equal to 80 DEG C). exchange is sent to the Department of energy converter and paint the roof, and then in second filtration and purification after the hot air through the door, solar term operation cycle, in addition to the inhalation of a large amount of fresh air, most of the hot air and continue to be heated by, therefore, in the baking room Torgovnik increasing temperature. when the temperature reaches the set temperature, the burner automatic stop; when the temperature drops to the set temperature, the fan and burner and open automatically, so brush room temperature remains confidence constant. two stage spray room last set to reach two times the recovery, paint room automatically shut down, the end of paint.