Buy electrostatic powder coating equipment do not fall into these two errors

Although the ability to pack powder spraying have quite many benefits, but also in environmental protection has greatly exceeded the traditional painting up ability, but because it is in our country out of time is short, use is not very popular, most people have not in-depth understanding, in the understanding of powder spraying equipment therefore, when choosing the electrostatic powder coating equipment is easy to walk into a misunderstanding.

In the selection of electrostatic powder coating equipment, we must pay attention to the following mistakes:

1, I think the spraying gun above the voltage is stronger, spraying powder out quickly is good

According to the usual treatment principle of the electrostatic spray, we can draw from it, assuming increasing power when the voltage exceeds the rated value, on the contrary it will stimulate the production of the "Faraday effect" and "anti ionization effect", that will produce adverse reactions to the rate of the powder. When using the electrostatic voltage higher than the voltage, but also there gunpoints ignition, that will stay in parts of the surface of the pinhole, will make the surface quality is not good. Therefore, the detailed operation flow in need according to the powder characteristics, or according to the parts of the characteristics to mobilize, the voltage can only be transferred to the appropriate spraying effect is relatively good.

2, the appearance and style of the parts can not be applied to some characteristics of the performance of the spray gun processing

Some people in the selection of parts that the style is not complex, so the spray gun in the feature selection function is not very good. In fact, the function of good spray gun will not to play a very good effect in improving parts of the form, its superiority is also reflected in the uniformity of powder spraying on. Powder powder saving, reduce the probability of the production of Chen and other aspects. So, not according to parts of the simple or trivial degree to choose the quality degree of electrostatic spraying equipment, must consider all aspects of the view, select the match requirement. Powder spray gun.