Spraying equipment workshop purification is usually used in these chemical purification methods

Spray equipment factory workshop in the purification of this process, remove the method will choose some physical purification, but also based on the need to take some chemical purification methods, under normal circumstances, Zhejiang spraying equipment workshop purification applied to the chemical purification methods have these:

1, photocatalytic purification plant.

The use of photocatalytic purification of the workshop work is: air through the photocatalytic air purification equipment, the photocatalyst in the light of the mapping itself will not produce changes, but it can promote the chemical reaction of the material, the air inside the harmful substances, such as formaldehyde , Benzene in this category under the influence of photocatalytic degradation, resulting in no toxic substances, but the air inside the bacteria will be UV cleaning, the workshop inside the air will be purified. Photocatalytic purification of the way the workshop has the shortcomings: the flow of air must be relatively small, slow speed of purification, and the human body will have a certain degree of radiation, such a workshop in some countries in Europe can no longer use the way.

2, formaldehyde scavenger purification workshop.

The use of formaldehyde scavenger purification workshop works: the use of chemical substances and formaldehyde for a series of chemical reactions, in this way to achieve the purpose of removing formaldehyde.